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A Fully Fledge Community Management Platform powered by iConnect technology for digital identity management

Entering your home, office or building has never been more secure & convenient. With Satra, turn your phone into your key, and enable secure access with ease.

How It Works

How It Works

As a Compound Manager

  • Send Invoices

  • Receive Immediate Digital Payment

  • Manage Units Leasing & New Tenants

  • Manage Units Leasing Contracts & History

  • Have a complete available-for-rent Units list & Enable Access for Public

  • Manage Visitors Access Control

    • Allowing Individuals to have unlimited or limited number of visitors passes to be used.

  • Complete detailed Logs for security purposes

  • Adjust a complete week ahead of allowed visitors per day per unit

  • Any Access Pass that is sent to an individual is Secure & Dynamic to prevent Fraud

  • Enforce biometric verification

As a Security Member

  • Real Time Log of the Accessing User

  • View-Only Permissions for the complete Log of the day

  • A readable digital Pass with Visitor that shows

    • Invitee and Inviter / Unit info

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As an Owner / Main tenant

  • Receive any outstanding balance

  • Pay through your phone any time anywhere

  • Invite Visitors Instantly with a click of a button

  • Access your compound smoothly with no access card or ticket or manual interaction needed

  • Track of who has access to the compound through your Unit

  • Mark your unit for rent so that compound management can help with leasing it if need be

  • Track your available invite passes and how many have been used through your Unit available quota


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Previously known as OneKey App
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